About us


Private Limited Liability Company Stiemo is a rapidly growing energy construction company in Lithuania.

The Company was established in 2014. The company has implemented ISO 9001:2015, 45001:2018, and 14001:2015 standards to ensure qualified and timely performance of work.

Certificates issued by the State Energy Inspectorate (SEI) and the Construction Product Certification Center (CPCC) entitle to be a contractor for the construction of a special structure and to carry out the installation and operation of energy facilities.

Close relationships with qualified subcontractors allow to present turnkey offers to you.


Buildings: non-residential buildings (industrial and industrial purpose: energy), engineering networks (power lines with voltage of up to 400kV), other engineering structures (energy generating structures powered by renewable energy), as well as the aforementioned structures located in the territory of the cultural heritage site, its protection zone, and cultural heritage site.

Fields of construction works: general construction works; installation of power supply and distribution facilities; construction of power networks; installation of building electrical engineering systems; installation of process control and automation systems; installation of structure distant communication (telecommunication) engineering systems; installation of structure security alarm systems, and fire safety (alarm) engineering systems.

Construction and installation, reconstruction, repair, maintenance, commissioning and adjustment of power networks with a voltage of up to 400kV, energy (electrical engineering), telecommunications and electronic communications, their testing, general construction works, maintenance, and consultations.

Assembly of products and equipment for the construction of energy facilities. Assembly, installation, and commissioning-adjustment of the equipment for relay protection systems, control and supervision systems, and electronic communications systems.

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